Cognitive Changes and the Aging Brain

Cognitive Changes and the Aging Brain


Cambridge University Press






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List of contributors; 1. Introduction Kenneth M. Heilman and Stephen E. Nadeau; 2. Pathology of the aging brain Anthony T. Yachnis; 3. Cellular and molecular mechanisms for age related cognitive decline Jolie D. Barter and Thomas C. Foster; 4. Neuroimaging of the aging brain Ronald. A. Cohen, Eric Porges and Joseph M. Gullat; 5. Changes in visuospatial, visuoperceptual, and navigational ability in aging Gabrielle A. Hromas and Russell M. Bauer; 6. Chemosensory function during neurologically healthy aging Jennifer J. Stamps; 7. Memory changes in the aging brain Glenn J. Larabee; 8. Aging-related alterations in language Stephen E. Nadeau; 9. Changes in emotions and mood with aging Erin Trifilio, John Williamson and Kenneth M. Heilman; 10. Aging and attention Ian H. Robertson and Paul M. Dockree; 11. Changes in motor programming with aging Kenneth M. Heilman; 12. Alterations in executive functions with aging Donald T. Stuss and Fergus I. M. Craik; 13. Brain aging and creativity Ira S. Fischler and Kenneth M. Heilman; 14. Attractor network dynamics, transmitters, and the memory and cognitive changes in aging Edmund T. Rolls; 15. Mechanisms of aging-related cognitive decline Stephen E. Nadeau; 16. The influence of physical exercise on cognitive aging Jamie C. Peven, Chelsea M. Stillman and Kirk I. Erickson; 17. Pharmacological cosmetic neurology Erin C. Conrad and Anjan Chatterjee; 18. Cognitive rehabilitation in healthy aging Nicole D. Anderson and Gordon Winocur; 19. Preventing cognitive decline and dementia Yat-Fung Shea and Steven T. DeKosky.
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