Neurobiology of Trust

Neurobiology of Trust

Krueger, Frank

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; I. Fundamental Level of Trust; 1. Trust and psychology: Psychological theories and principles underlying interpersonal trust Jeffry A. Simpson and Grace Vieth; 2. Trust and behavioral economics: Exploration of trust based on game theory Devdeepta Bose and Colin Camerer; 3. Trust and digitalization: Review of behavioral and neuroscience evidence Rene Riedl; 4. Trust and human factors: Foundations of trust in automation Tracy L. Sanders, Alexandra D. Kaplan, Keith MacArthur, William G. Volante, and Peter A. Hancock; II. Neuropsychological Level of Trust; 5. Trust and risk: Neuroeconomic foundations of trust based on social risk Nina Lauharatanahirun and Jason A. Aimone; 6. Trust and emotion: The effects of incidental and integral affect Federica Farolfi, Li-Ang Chang, and Jan B. Engelmann; 7. Trust and reputation: How knowledge about others shapes our decisions Emily G. Brudner, Alec J. Karousatos, Dominic S. Fareri, and Mauricio R. Delgado; 8. Trust and learning: Neurocomputational signatures of learning to trust Gabriele Bellucci and Jean-Claude Dreher; III. Neurocharacteristic Level of Trust; 9. Trust and distrust: Key similarities and differences Brian W. Haas; 10. Trust and reciprocity: The role of outcome-based and belief-based motivations Flora Li, Pearl H. Chiu, and Brooks King-Casas; 11. Trust and demographics: Age and gender differences in trust and reciprocity behavior Hester Sijtsma and Lydia Krabbendam; 12. Trust and brain dynamics: Insights from task-based and task-free neuroimaging investigations Yan Wu and Frank Krueger; IV. Neuromolecular Level of Trust; 13. Trust and oxytocin: Context-dependent exogenous and endogenous modulation of trust Zhimin Yan and Peter Kirsch; 14. Trust and psychopharmaca: Neuromodulation of the signaling pathways underlying trust behavior Mary R. Lee, Apoorva Veerareddy, and Frank Krueger; 15. Trust and genetics: Genetic basis of trust behavior and trust attitude Qiulu Shou, Kuniyuki Nishina, and Haruto Takagishi; V. Neuropathological Level of Trust; 16. Trust and psychotic disorders: Unraveling the dynamics of paranoia and disturbed social interaction Imke L.J. Lemmers-Jansen and Anne-Kathrin J. Fett; 17. Trust and personality disorders: Phenomenology, determinants, and therapeutical approaches Stefanie Lis, Miriam Biermann, and Zsolt Unoka; 18. Trust and lesion evidence: Lessons from neuropsychology on the neuroanatomical correlates of trust Hannah E. Wadsworth and Daniel Tranel; Index.
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