Falls in Older People

Falls in Older People

Risk Factors, Strategies for Prevention and Implications for Practice

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Part I. Epidemiology and risk factors for falls: 1. Epidemiology of falls and fall-related injuries Stephen Lord, Catherine Sherrington and Cameron Hicks; 2. Postural stability and falls Jasmine Menant, Yoshiro Okubo and Hylton Menz; 3. Gait characteristics and falls Jasmine Menant, Hylton Menz and Carly Chaplin; 4. Sensory and neuromuscular risk factors for falls Stephen Lord; 5. Biomechanics of balance and falling Daina Sturnieks; 6. Foot problems, footwear and falls Hylton Menz; 7. Brain function and falls Michele Callisaya, Oshadi Jayakody and Kim Delbaere; 8. Impaired cognition and falls Morag Taylor and Julie Whitney; 9. The psychology of fall risk: fear, anxiety, depression and balance confidence Thomas Hadjistavropoulos and Kim Delbaere; 10. Medical risk factors for falls Naomi Noguchi and Vasi Naganathan; 11. Medications as risk factors for falls Lulu Ma and Vasi Naganathan; 12. Environmental risk factors for falls Alison Pighills and Lindy Clemson; 13. Fall detection and risk assessment with new technologies Kimberly van Schooten and Matthew Brodie; 14. Fall risk screening and assessment Anne Tiedemann and Stephen Lord; 15. The relative importance of fall risk factors - analysis and summary Stephen Lord, Catherine Sherrington and Vasi Naganathan; Part II. Strategies for prevention - Overview: Fall prevention: 16. Exercise to prevent falls Catherine Sherrington, Anne Tiedemann and Nicola Fairhall; 17. Volitional and Reactive Step Training Yoshiro Okubo and Daina Sturnieks; 18. Cognitive-motor interventions and their effects on fall-risk in older people Daniel Schoene and Daina Sturnieks; 19. Cognitive behavioural interventions for addressing fear of falling and fall risk Rixt Zilstra and Kim Delbaere; 20. The medical management of older people at risk of falls Mark Latt and Vasi Naganathan; 21. Fall prevention interventions for people with visual impairment Stephen Lord; 22. Footwear, othoses, walking aids, wearable technology and restraint devices for fall prevention Hylton Menz; 23. Environmental interventions to prevent falls at home and in the community Lindy Clemson and Alison Pighills; 24. Fall injury prevention: hip protectors and compliant flooring Susan Kurrle and Ian Cameron; 25. Multifactorial fall prevention strategies: Where to next? Sarah Lamb and Hopin Lee; 26. Fall prevention in hospitals Anne-Marie Hill; 27. Fall prevention in residential aged care facilities Clemens Becker, Kilian Papp and Patrick Roigk; Part III. Implications for Practice: 28. Strategies to promote uptake and adherence to fall prevention programs Anne Tiedemann, Leanne Hassett and Catherine Sherrington; 29. Translating fall prevention research into practice Kathryn Sibley, Alexandra Korall and Alexie Touchette; 30. Interventions reduce falls, but what is the cost for better health outcomes? Jennifer Davis, Teresa Liu-Ambrose and Chun-Liang Hsu; 31. Brining it altogether Stephen Lord, Catherine Sherrington and Vasi Naganathan.
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