Schizophrenia and Psychoses in Later Life

Schizophrenia and Psychoses in Later Life

New Perspectives on Treatment, Research, and Policy


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Epidemiology, Historical background, Illness Phenomenology, and Diagnostic Issues: 1. Epidemiology of psychotic disorders: methodological issues and empirical findings Robert Sigstroem and Deborah Gustafson; 2. Epidemiology of schizophrenia: patterns of care for older adults with schizophrenia Donna McAlpine and Ellen McCreedy; 3. Assessment and diagnosis of psychotic symptoms in older adults Michael Reinhardt, Dina Ghoneim, Tessa Murante, Eric Nelson, Paulina Vargas and Shifra Mincer; 4. A comparison of early and late-onset schizophrenia Dina Ghoneim; Part II. Biological, Neurocognitive, and Medical Aspects: 5. Biological changes in older persons with schizophrenia Michael Centorino and Susan Schultz; 6. Cognitive functioning in older adults with schizophrenia Tarek Rajji; 7. Medical issues in older persons with schizophrenia Frank Copeli and Carl I. Cohen; Part III. Outcome and Course: 8. Assessing outcomes in schizophrenia in later life Carl I. Cohen; 9. Positive psychiatry for schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders Graham Eglit, Barton W. Palmer and Dilip V. Jeste; Part IV. Social Functioning and Mood: 10. Social functioning among older community-dwelling persons with schizophrenia Paul D. Meesters; 11. Depression and suicidality in older adults with schizophrenia John Kasckow and Aninditha Vengassery; 12. Community treatment needs Paul D. Meesters; 13. Treatment of schizophrenia and psychoses in older adults: psychopharmacological approaches Subramoniam Madhusoodanan; 14. Model programs and interventions for older adults with schizophrenia Stephen J. Bartels, Peter R. DiMilia and Heather Leutwyler; 15. Changing caregiver needs with increasing age of people with schizophrenia Harriet P. Lefley and Brian R. Ghezelaiagh; 16. Personal accounts of living with schizophrenia across a lifetime: coping strategies and subjective perspectives Tova Band-Winterstein, Hila Avieli and Peli Mushkin; 17. The care of older adults with schizophrenia in developing countries Rujvi Kamat and Samir T. Mukherjee; Part V. Health Policy and Research: Future Directions: 18. Schizophrenia in later life: public policy issues in the United States Michael B. Friedman, Lisa Furst, Paul S. Nestadt, Kimberly A. Williams and Lina Rodriguez; 19. Epilogue: controversies, conjectures, and future directions Carl I. Cohen and Paul D. Meesters.
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