Textbook of Immunopsychiatry

Textbook of Immunopsychiatry

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Preface; 1. Basic concepts in immunobiology Lorinda Turner and Neil Harrison; 2. From Psychoneuroimmunology to immunopsychiatry: an historical perspective Keith W. Kelley; 3. Stress, immune system and brain Julie-Myrtille Bourgognon, Alison McColl, Maria Suessmilch, Rajeev Krishnadas and Jonathan Cavanagh; 4. The role of prenatal and childhood infection and inflammation in schizophrenia Carly Apar, Fiona Conway, Genevieve Falabella and Alan S. Brown; 5. The role of autoimmune encephalitis in immunopsychiatry and lessons from neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus Esha Abrol and Mike Zandi; 6. Effectiveness of immunotherapies for psychotic disorders Rachel Upthegrove and Bill Deakin; 7. Inflammation, sickness behaviour and depression Golam Khandaker, Alessandro Colasanti and Neil Harrison; 8. Immunotherapies for depression Nils Kappelmann, Edward T. Bullmore, and Golam M. Khandaker; 9. The effect of systemic Inflammation on cognitive function and neurodegenerative disease Colm Cunningham and Donal Skelly; 10. Role of Inflammation in Lewy body dementia Ajenthan Surendranathan, and John T O'Brien; 11. The role of adaptive and innate immunity in alzheimer's disease Clive Holmes; 12. The immune system and anxiety disorders Vasiliki Michopoulos and Tanja Jovanovic; 13. Microbiome-gut-brain interactions in neurodevelopmental disorders: focus on autism and schizophrenia Kiran Sandhu, Eoin Sherwin, Ted Dinan and John Cryan; 14. Depression and the adaptive immune system Robert Dantzer; 15. Transdiagnostic features of the immune system in major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia Celia Fourrier, Catherine Toben, and Bernhard T. Baune.
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