Understanding Epilepsy

Understanding Epilepsy

A Study Guide for the Boards


Cambridge University Press






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1. Pathophysiology of epilepsy Kenneth Jenrow and Kost Elisevich; 2. Physiologic basis of epileptic EEG patterns L. John Greenfield, Jr and Sang-Hun Lee; 3. Pathology of the epilepsies Kamal Shouman and William J. Kupsky; 4. Classifications of seizures and epilepsies Anthony L. Fine, Elaine C. Wirrell and Katherine C. Nickels; 5. Electro-clinical syndromes and epilepsies in the neonatal period, infancy and childhood Jules E. C. Constantinou; 6. Familial electro-clinical syndromes and epilepsies in adolescence to adult Elie Abdelnour, Monisha Sachdev and Mohamad Mikati; 7. Distinctive constellations and other epilepsies Ashley E. Thomas, Wolfgang G. Muhlhofer and Jerzy P. Szaflarski; 8. Seizures not diagnosed as epilepsy Michael DiSano, Elia Pestana-Knight and Ajay Gupta; 9. Non-epileptic spells Selim Benbadis and Tasleema Khan; 10. Status epilepticus Chandan B. Mehta, Paul Brady and Shailaja Gaddam; 11. EEG instrumentation and basics Amit Ray and Naoum P. Issa; 12. Normal electroencephalography Aatif Husain; 13. Ictal and interictal epileptiform EEG patterns Alma Yum and Vladimir Shvarts; 14. Neonatal and pediatric electroencephalogram Basanagoud Mudigoudar, Stephen Fulton, Sarah Weatherspoon and James W. Wheless; 15. Scalp video-EEG monitoring Maria Stefanidou; 16. Intracranial EEG monitoring Marc R. Nuwer, Dawn Eliashiv and John Stern; 17. Neuroimaging in epilepsy Andrew Zillgitt; 18. The role of neuropsychology in epilepsy surgery Brent A. Funk and Dana R. Connor; 19. Principles of anti-seizure drug management Georgia Montouris; 20. Gender issues in epilepsy Patricia E. Penovich; 21. Antiseizure drugs Sidrah Mahmud and Richard H. Mattson; 22. Surgical therapies for epilepsy Rushna Ali and Ellen L. Air; 23. Stimulation therapies for epilepsy David King-Stephens and Peter Weber; 24. Practical and psychosocial considerations in epilepsy management Russell A. Derry; 25. Comorbidities with epilepsy Ramon Edmundo D. Bautista, Shannon M. LaBoy, Imran Farooqui and Samuel S. Giles; 26. System-based issues in epilepsy Yeeck Sim and David M. Labiner.
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