Time: From Earth Rotation to Atomic Physics

Time: From Earth Rotation to Atomic Physics

McCarthy, Dennis D. (United States Naval Observatory); Seidelmann, P. Kenneth (University of Virginia)

Cambridge University Press






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This accessible reference presents the evolution of concepts of time and methods of time keeping, for historians, scientists, engineers, and educators.
Preface; 1. Time: pre-twentieth century; 2. Solar time; 3. Ephemerides; 4. Variable Earth rotation; 5. Earth orientation; 6. Ephemeris time; 7. Relativity and time; 8. Time and cosmology; 9. Dynamical and coordinate time scales; 10. Clock developments; 11. Microwave atomic clocks; 12. Optical atomic standards; 13. Definition and role of a second; 14. International Atomic Time (TAI); 15. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC); 16. Time in the solar system; 17. Time and frequency transfer; 18. Modern Earth orientation; 19. International activities; 20. Time applications; 21. Future of time keeping; Acronyms; Glossary.