Thermodynamics and Control of Open Quantum Systems

Thermodynamics and Control of Open Quantum Systems


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Preface. Part I. Quantum System-Bath Interactions and their Control. 1. Equilibration of Large Quantum Systems; 2. Thermalization of Quantum Systems Weakly Coupled to Baths; 3. Generic Quantum Baths; 4. Quantized System-Bath Interactions; 5. System-Bath Reversible and Irreversible Quantum Dynamics; 6. System-Bath Equilibration via Spin-Boson Interaction; 7. Bath-Induced Collective Dynamics; 8. Bath-Induced Self-Energy: Cooperative Lamb-Shift and Dipole-Dipole Interactions; 9. Quantum Measurements, Pointer Basis and Decoherence; 10. The Quantum Zeno and Anti-Zeno Effects (QZE and AZE); 11. Dynamical Control of Open Systems; 12. Optimal Dynamical Control of Open Systems; 13. Dynamical Control of Quantum Information Processing; 14. Dynamical Control of Quantum State Transfer in Hybrid Systems. Part II. Control of Thermodynamic Processes in Quantum Systems. 15. Entropy, Work and Heat Exchange Bounds for Driven Quantum Systems; 16. Thermodynamics and its Control on Non-Markovian Time Scales; 17. Work-Information Relation and System-Bath Correlations; 18. Cyclic Quantum Engines Energized by Thermal or Non-Thermal Baths; 19. Steady-State Cycles for Quantum Heat Machines; 20. Two-Level Minimal Model of a Heat Engine; 21. Quantum Cooperative Heat Machines; 22. Heat-to-Work Conversion in Fully Quantized Machines; 23. Quantum Refrigerators and the Third Law; 24. Minimal Quantum Heat Manager: Heat Diode and Transistor. Conclusions and Outlook. Bibliography. Index.