Cosmic Microwave Background

Cosmic Microwave Background

Historical and Philosophical Lessons

Perovic, Slobodan; Cirkovic, Milan M.

Cambridge University Press





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Introduction; Part I. Physical Cosmology: A Brief Introduction: 1. Physical cosmology from Einstein to 1965; 2. The 'great controversy' (1948-65) and epistemological issues it raised; 3. Hot big bang and CDM; Part II. Discovery of the CMB and Current Cosmological Orthodoxy: 4. Discovery of the CMB; 5. CMB phenomenology; 6. Standard 'textbook' history and its shortcomings; 7. Emergence of precision cosmology; Part III. What Constitutes an Unorthodoxy? Epistemological Framework of Cosmology: 8. Underdetermination of theories and models in cosmology; 9. Was the CMB a smoking gun?; 10. Classifying and analysing unorthodoxies; Part IV. Moderate Unorthodoxies: The CMB with the Big Bang: 11. Cold and tepid big bangs: population iii objects; 12. Models with unresolved sources; 13. Thermalization by grains, the first wave; 14. Primordial chaos; 15. Early intergalactic medium, massive population III objects and the large-numbers hypothesis; 16. Late thermalization of starlight; 17. 'An excess in moderation': high-baryon universe; Part V. Radical Unorthodoxies: The CMB Without the Big Bang: 18. Motivations: who's afraid of the big (bad) bang?; 19. Hoyle-narlikar theory and the changing masses origin of the CMB; 20. Revised steady state; 21. Closed steady-state models; 22. CMB in plasma cosmology; 23. CMB in non-expanding models; Part VI. Formation of the Orthodoxy and the Alternatives: Epistemological Lessons: 24. History and epistemology: the emergence of orthodoxy; 25. What about the alternatives?; 26. Pragmatic aspects of model-building and social epistemology of cosmology; 27. Large-scale numerical simulations in cosmology: beyond the theory-observations distinction?; Part VII. Other Philosophically Relevant Aspects of the CMB: 28. CMB and copernicanism: 'the axis of evil' and 'the fingers of god'; 29. The 'problem of other observers' and anthropic reasoning; 30. The nature of boundary conditions in cosmology, the CMB, and the 'laws of nature' debate; 31. CMB and the multiverse: limits of scientific realism?; Appendix 1: relativistic cosmological models; Appendix 2: dipole anisotropy; Notes; References; Index.
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