Einstein Paradox

Einstein Paradox

The Debate on Nonlocality and Incompleteness in 1935

Crull, Elise; Bacciagaluppi, Guido

Cambridge University Press





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Preface; Abbreviations and editorial conventions; Permissions and copyright notices; Part I. Main Contributions to the EPR Debate in 1935: 1. Einstein on EPR; 2. Others on EPR; 3. Schroedinger on EPR; 4. Heisenberg on EPR; 5. Bohr on EPR; Part II. Selected Pre-EPR Papers: 6. Knowledge of past and future in quantum mechanics A. Einstein, R. C. Tolman and B. Podolsky; 7. On the indeterminacy relation A. Einstein; 8. Bohr-Einstein example E. Schroedinger; Part III. Core EPR Papers: 9. Can Quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete? A. Einstein, B. Podolsky and N. Rosen; 10. Discussion of probability relations between separated systems E. Schroedinger; 11. The present situation in Quantum Mechanics E. Schroedinger; 12. Note on the Quantum-Mechanical theory of measurement W. H. Furry; 13. Remarks on measurements in quantum theory W. H. Furry; 14. Is a deterministic completion of quantum mechanics possible? W. Heisenberg; 15. The natural-philosophical foundations of quantum mechanics (Excerpt) G. Hermann; 16. Can Quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete? N. Bohr; Part IV. Other Reactions to EPR: 17. The correlation of wave functions with the states of physical systems E. C. Kemble; 18. States and reality of physical systems B. Podolsky; 19. Quantum mechanics as a physical theory H. T. Flint; 20. The observation of canonically conjugates E. Schroedinger; 21. Quantum mechanics and physical reality N. Bohr; 22. Is the Quantum-mechanical description of physical reality complete? A. E. Ruark; 23. Physical reality and quantum mechanics E. C. Kemble; 24. Quantum-mechanical description H. Margenau; 25. Quantum mechanics and physical reality H. C. Wolfe; Part V. Correspondence on the 'Einstein Paradox': 26. Correspondence on the 'Einstein Paradox'; Envoi; Bibliography; Index.
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