Moral Psychology of Internal Conflict

Moral Psychology of Internal Conflict

Value, Meaning, and the Enactive Mind

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Love of Truth and 'Moral Sentiments': 1. The paradox of the charitable terrorist; 2. Can we have naturalism without the naturalistic fallacy? 3. Love of truth and 'vital lies': basic conflicting emotions in moral and political psychology; 4. Moral realism, hermeneutics, and enactive epistemology: the truth 'resists us'; Part II. Truth-Seeking and the Hermeneutic Circle: 5. 'Attention must be paid!' Hermeneutics and the demand for universalization; 6. The coherence of moral worldviews: beyond the privileging of nihilism; 7. Kantian abstractions and the embarrassment of reason: the need for hermeneutics; 8. The limits of hedonism: paradoxes of 'expanded egoism'; 9. The hermeneutic process in action: fallibilism and the role of emotion in moral and political psychology.
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