Forms of Fellow Feeling

Forms of Fellow Feeling

Empathy, Sympathy, Concern and Moral Agency

Roughley, Neil; Schramme, Thomas

Cambridge University Press






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Part I: 1. Introduction: empathy, sympathy, concern and moral agency Neil Roughley and Thomas Schramme; Part II. Empathy, Sympathy and Concern: 2. Empathy, altruism, and helping: conceptual distinctions, empirical relations Dan Batson; 3. Self-recognition, empathy and concern for others in toddlers Doris Bischof-Koehler and Norbert Bischof; Part III. Understanding Empathy: 4. Self-simulation and empathy Heidi Maibom; 5. Empathy as an instinct Michael Slote; 6. A moral account of empathy and fellow feeling Lawrence Blum; Part IV. Fellow Feeling and the Development of Pro Sociality: 7. Empathy-related responding and its relations to positive development Nancy Eisenberg; 8. An interdisciplinary perspective on the origins of concern for others: contributions from psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and sociobiology Carolyn Zahn-Waxler, Andrew Schoen and Jean Decety; 9. Sophisticated concern in early childhood Amrisha Vaish; Part V. Empathy and Morality: 10. Is empathy required for making moral judgements? John Deigh; 11. The empathy in moral obligation. An exercise in creature construction Neil Roughley; 12. Empathy and reciprocating attitudes Stephen Darwall; 13. The role of empathy in an agential account of morality: lessons from autism and psychopathy Thomas Schramme.
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