Psychology of Democracy

Psychology of Democracy

Of the People, By the People, For the People

Cambridge University Press






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1. Psychology of democracy Ashley Weinberg; of the people; 2. Personality, politics and strong democracy: a review of research and future directions Jo Silvester and Madeleine Wyatt; 3. From Big Ben to the breakfast table: basic values and political attitudes among politicians and the public James Weinberg; 4. Under the microscope: Prime Minister's questions in the UK Parliament Peter Bull and Maurice Waddle; 5. Cognitive complexity: sometimes a boon and sometimes a danger to democracy Peter Suedfeld; 6. In 'a league of their own'? Judgement and decision-making by politicians and non-politicians Barbara Vis and Sjoerd Stolwijk; 7. The mental well-being of politicians Ashley Weinberg; by the people; 8. Trust in political institutions and support for authoritarianism in Latin American students: does civic knowledge make a difference? Daniel Miranda, Juan-Carlos Castillo, Catalina Miranda and Jose Conejeros; 9. New technology, language and gesture in contemporary Indian political discourse Rukmini Bhaya Nair; 10. Fact or fiction: influences on voter decision-making in a disinformation environment David Redlawsk, Kyle Mattes and Karol Solis Menco; 11. Dissecting the psychology of a voter: a citizen-centric approach in studying electoral experience and behavior Sarah Harrison; 12. Building trust through a revolving door of leaders: the poisoned chalice Joakim Eidenfalk and Stuart Woodcock; 13. After the party is over Jane Roberts; for the people: 14. Democracy as a moral challenge Gian Vittorio Caprara; 15. 'Can I trust my future?' Youth civic engagement, civic identity and dystopias Ben Bowman, Thalia Magioglou and Helen Haste; 16. Religious identity politics and genuine support for democracy Gizem Arikan and Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom; 17. Psychology, democracy and the media: are citizens learning from the news? A self reflective learning perspective Sharon Coen and Karl Turgut Maloney Yorganci; 18. A social psychological approach to understanding China's democratisation Yida Zhai; 19. The psychology of radicalised conceptions of democracy - steps too far? Rod Dubrow-Marshall.
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