Unpacking Creativity

Unpacking Creativity

The Power of Figurative Communication in Advertising

Ford, Samantha; Perez Sobrino, Paula; Littlemore, Jeannette

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. Theoretical Perspectives: 1. The temple of heaven is not China; 2. Is it a bird or is it a chameleon?; 3. Welcome to the black supermarket; 4. I thought they were hairy breasts!; Part II. Empirical Studies: 5. Spiderman or devil horns?; 6. If it's red it must be sport; 7. Curry is yellow in Japan but orange in the US; 8. So real it's scary; 9. Cross-cultural and gender-based variation in the emotional impact and appreciation of marketing videos; 10. Having fun with his custard factory?; 11. What do we now know about the creative use of figurative communication in advertising?
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