Collective Liability in Islam

Collective Liability in Islam

The 'Aqila and Blood Money Payments

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. The Contribution of Islamic Values: 1. The modern perspective and the Islamic perspective, and their application to the law of homicide; 2. Major modifications of the Islamic law of homicide; 3. The 'Aqila's liability for homicide restricted, and justified; Part II. The Contribution of the State Administration: 4. The Diwan innovation in Umayyad practice; 5. From Umayyad practice to Hanafi law; 6. The Diwan innovation in Hanafi law; Part III. The Contribution of the Persians: 7. The Eastern Iranian Hanafi views on the 'Aqila: a presentation; 8. The Eastern Iranian Hanafi views: the general context; 9. The Eastern Iranian Hanafi views on the 'Aqila: an examination; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.
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