Reinventing French Aid

Reinventing French Aid

The Politics of Humanitarian Relief in French-Occupied Germany, 1945-1952

Humbert, Laure

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. The Politics of Relief: 1. The Politics of Immigration: Unwanted Wartime Collaborators or Ideal White Settlers?; 2. In the Shadow of Nazi Occupation: Making and Overseeing DP Camps; 3. The Politics of Neutrality: Repatriating and Screening DPs in the Early Cold War; Part II. Reconstructing the Body, Rehabilitating the Mind: 4. The 'Broken' DP: 'Remaking' the Minds and Bodies of Refugees; 5. 'Rehabilitation' through Work? Vocational Training and DP Employment; 6. Transforming DPs into French Citizens? The Resettlement of DPs in France; Conclusion.
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Displaced Persons; DPs; French occupation zone; aftermath of war; Cold War; UNRRA; United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration; IRO; International Refugee Organisation; rehabilitation; DP camps; repatriation; immigration; gender; humanitarianism; masculinity; femininity