Tale of Two Narratives

Tale of Two Narratives

The Holocaust, the Nakba, and the Israeli-Palestinian Battle of Memories

Wermenbol, Grace

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; The post-oslo period: a historical overview; Part I. The Textbook of Memory: 1.The holocaust in Israeli textbooks: death and deliverance; 2.Teaching the nakba: old wounds, new textbooks; Part II. The Landscape of Memory: 3. Recreating and reclaiming the lost homeland; 4. A past that does not pass; Part III. Scoop on the Past: 5. Never forget and never again; 6. Preserving the past, mobilizing the past; Conclusion; Bibliography; Interviews.
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Israel; Palestine; Nakba; Holocaust; Oslo Accords; Israeli-Palestinian conflict; foundational narratives; collective memory; exclusionary victimhood narratives; internal Palestinians; Palestinian refugees; Right of Return; 1948 War; War of Independence; mnemonic delegitimization efforts; narrative institutionalization