Aristotle's On the Soul

Aristotle's On the Soul

A Critical Guide

Cohoe, Caleb

Cambridge University Press





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List of contributors; Acknowledgments; List of abbreviations; Introduction Caleb M. Cohoe; 1. Hylomorphic explanation and the scientific status of the DE Anima C. D. C. Reeve; 2. Aristotle on earlier definitions of soul and their explanatory power: DA 1.2-5 Jason W. Carter; 3. Why nous cannot be a magnitude: DE anima 1.3 Krisanna Scheiter; 4. Souls among forms: Harmonies and Aristotle's hylomorphism Christopher Shields; 5. Aristotle on the soul's unity Christopher Frey; 6. Aristotle on seed Jessica Gelber; 7. The gate to reality: Aristotle's basic account of perception Klaus Corcilius; 8. Aristotle on the objects of perception Mark a. Johnstone; 9. Awareness and self-awareness in the Aristotelian tradition Katerina Ierodiakonou; 10. Phantasia and error Rosemary Twomey; 11. Intelligibility, insight, and intelligence Sean Kelsey; 12. The separability of nous Caleb M. Cohoe; 13. Thought and imagination: Aristotle's dual process psychology of action Caleb M. Cohoe; Bibliography; Index.
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