New Cambridge Companion to T. S. Eliot

New Cambridge Companion to T. S. Eliot

Cambridge University Press






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1. Unravelling Eliot Jason Harding; 2. Eliot: form and allusion Michael O'Neill; 3. Prufrock and Other Observations Anne Stillman; 4. Banishing the backward devils: Eliot's quatrain poems and 'Gerontion' Rick de Villiers; 5. With automatic hand: The Waste Land Lawrence Rainey; 6. 'Let these words answer': Ash-Wednesday and the Ariel poems Sarah Kennedy; 7. Four Quartets Steve Ellis; 8. 'A precise way of thinking and feeling': Eliot and verse drama Anthony Cuda; 9. T. S. Eliot as literary critic Helen Thaventhiran; 10. T. S. Eliot's social criticism John Xiros Cooper; 11. Gender and sexuality Gail McDonald; 12. Eliot's philosophical studies: Bergson, Frazer, Bradley Jewel Spears Brooker; 13. Anglo-Catholic in religion: T. S. Eliot and Christianity Barry Spurr.
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