Byron Among the English Poets

Byron Among the English Poets

Literary Tradition and Poetic Legacy

Ward, Matthew; Bucknell, Clare

Cambridge University Press





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Acknowledgements; Contributors; List of Abbreviations; Introduction Clare Bucknell and Matthew Ward; Part I. Inheritances: 1. Byron and Shakespeare Bernard Beatty; 2. Not for Envy: Paradise Lost and the Inward Turn in Byron's Cain Jonathon Shears; 3. Byron and Rochester Tom Lockwood; 4. Byron's 'Popifying': Twice-Told Tales Fred Parker; 5. 'Liquid Lines' and Della Cruscans: Byron among the Amatory Poets Clara Tuite; 6. Byron and Satire Post-1760 Clare Bucknell; 7. Byron's English Verse Inheritance Anna Camilleri; Part II. Contemporaries: 8. 'I ne'er mistake you for a personal foe': Byron and Wordsworth Madeleine Callaghan; 9. The Year of Publishing Dangerously: Barbauld and Byron in 1812 Susan J. Wolfson; 10. Strange Designs: Byron, Shelley, and Ottava Rima Ross Wilson; 11. Byron, Keats, and the Time of Romanticism Jonathan Sachs; 12. Broken, Wild, Untold Tales: Byron's Orientalist Poetry and Romantic-Period Narrative Verse Diego Saglia; 13. 'Lord Byron, poh! The man wot writes the werses?': Clare, Byron and Class Simon Koevesi; Part III. Afterlives: 14. In-Between Byrons: Byronic Legacies in Women's Poetry of the Late Romantic to Mid-Victorian Era Sarah Wootton; 15. Byron and Browning: Something and Nothing Jane Stabler; 16. Arnold's Ambivalence and Byron's Force and Fire Matthew Ward; 17. A.C. Swinburne and Byron's Bad Ear Richard Cronin; 18. What Auden made of Byron Seamus Perry; 19. Byronic Inflections in British Poetry since 1945 Gregory Leadbetter; 20. Byron among our Contemporaries Gregory Dowling; Index.
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