Framing Roberto Bolano

Framing Roberto Bolano

Poetry, Fiction, Literary History, Politics

Cambridge University Press







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Introduction: unpacking Bolano's library; Part I: 1. 'Undisciplined writing' Antwerp (Amberes); 2. Poetry as symptom and cure Monsieur Pain; 3. The novel's regimes made visible in the Third Reich (El Tercer Reich); Part II: 4. Poetry at the ends of its lines the unknown university (La universidad desconocida) Nazi literature in the Americas (La literatura nazi en America); 5. Post-avant histories distant star (Estrella distante); Part III: 6. Dismantling narrative drive the savage detectives (Los detectives salvajes); 7. Making visible the 'non-power' of poetry Amulet (Amuleto); 8. Poetry, politics, critique by night in Chile (Nocturno de Chile); Part IV: 9. Literary taxonomies after the wall woes of the true policeman (Los sinsabores del verdadero policia); 10. 'What a relief to give up literature' 2666; Conclusion: from the known to the unknown university.
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