Cambridge Companion to British Theatre since 1945

Cambridge Companion to British Theatre since 1945

Rebellato, Dan; Harvie, Jen

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: Jen Harvie and Dan Rebellato; Part I. Theatre Makers: 1. Playwrights: collectivity and collaboration Dan Rebellato; 2. Directors: organisation, authorship and social production Tom Cornford; 3. Actors: a history of service Aoife Monks; Part II: Theatre Sectors: 4. West end and commercial theatre: crisis, change and continuity Rachel Clements; 5. Subsidised theatre: strength, elitism, metropolitanism, racism Jen Harvie; 6. The fringe: the rise and fall of radical alternative theatre Dan Rebellato and Jen Harvie; Part III. Theatre Communities: 7. Audiences: ownership, interaction, agency Helen Freshwater; 8. Black British theatre: blackouts and spotlights Vanessa Damilola Macaulay; 9. Queer theatre: reclaiming histories, historicising, and hope Sarah Jane Mullan; Part IV. Theatre and State: 10. Government, policy and censorship in post-war British theatre Louise Owen; 11. Buildings and the political economy of theatre financing in Britain Michael Mckinnie; 12. Regions and nations: the myth of levelling up Trish Reid; Acknowledgments.
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