Nature of Human Intelligence

Nature of Human Intelligence

Cambridge University Press






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1. Intelligence as potentiality and actuality Phillip L. Ackerman; 2. Hereditary ability: g is driven by experience producing drives Thomas J. Bouchard, Jr; 3. Culture, sex and intelligence: descriptive and proscriptive issues Stephen J. Ceci, Donna K. Ginther and Wendy M. Williams; 4. The nature of the general factor of intelligence Andrew R. A. Conway and Kristof Kovacs; 5. Intelligence in Edinburgh, Scotland: bringing intelligence to life Ian J. Deary and Stuart J. Ritchie; 6. Intelligence as domain-specific superior reproducible performance: the role of acquired domain-specific mechanisms in expert performance K. Anders Ericsson; 7. Intelligence, society, and human autonomy James R. Flynn; 8. The theory of multiple intelligences: psychological and educational perspectives Howard Gardner, Mindy,Kornhaber and Jie-Qi Chen; 9. g theory: how recurring variation in human intelligence and the complexity of everyday tasks create social structure and the democratic dilemma Linda S. Gottfredson; 10. Puzzled intelligence: looking for missing pieces Elena L. Grigorenko; 11. A view from the brain Richard J. Haier; 12. Is critical thinking a better model of intelligence? Diane F. Halpern and Heather A. Butler; 13. Many pathways, one destination: IQ tests, intelligent testing, and the continual push for more equitable assessments Alan S. Kaufman; 14. My quest to understand human intelligence Scott Barry Kaufman; 15. Mapping the outer envelope of intelligence: a multidimensional view from the top David Lubinski; 16. The intelligence of nations Richard Lynn; 17. Intelligences about things and intelligences about people John D. Mayer; 18. Mechanisms of working memory capacity and fluid intelligence and their common dependence on executive attention Zach Shipstead and Randall W. Engle; 19. Successful intelligence in theory, research, and practice Robert J. Sternberg; Index.
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