Cambridge Handbook of Personality Psychology

Cambridge Handbook of Personality Psychology


Cambridge University Press






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General introduction Philip J. Corr and Gerald Matthews; Part I. Foundational Issues: History and Approaches to Personality: 1. Conceptual and historical perspectives Susan C. Cloninger; 2. The trait approach Alexander Weiss and Ian J. Deary; 3. Accuracy in person perception Jeremy Biesanz; 4. States and situations, traits and environments Jens B. Asendorpf and John F. Rauthmann; 5. Personality and the unconscious Marco Perugini, Juliette Richetin and Giulio Costantini; 6. Personality and emotion Rainer Reisenzein, Andrea Hildebrandt and Hannelore Weber; Part II. Description and Measurement: How Personality Is Studied: 7. Methods of personality assessment Gregory J. Boyle and Edward Helmes; 8. Models of personality structure Boele De Raad and Dick P. H. Barelds; 9. The five-factor model of personality Robert R. McCrae; 10. Personality and intelligence Julie Aitken Schermer and Donald H. Saklofske; Part III. Development, Health and Change: Life Span and Health Outcomes: 11. Temperament and brain networks of personality Mary K. Rothbart, Michael I. Posner and Brad E. Sheese; 12. Development of personality across the life span Olivia E. Atherton, M. Brent Donnellan and Richard W. Robins; 13. Personality traits and mental disorders Christian Hakulinen, Markus Jokela, Mika Kivimaki and Marko Elovainio; 14. Models of physical health and personality Dietlinde Heilmayr and Howard S. Friedman; 15. Attachment theory Mario Mikulincer and Phillip R. Shaver; Part IV. Biological Perspectives: Evolution, Genetics and Neuroscience of Personality: 16. Evolutionary personality psychology David M. G. Lewis, Laith Al-Shawaf and David M. Buss; 17. Personality in non-human animals Alison M. Bell and Miles K. Bensky; 18. Genetics of personality Hannah Sallis, George Davey Smith and Marcus R. Munafo; 19. Approach-avoidance theories of personality Philip J. Corr and Dino Krupic; 20. Personality neuroscience Colin G. DeYoung and Scott D. Blain; Part V. Cognitive and Motivational Perspectives: Dynamic Processes of Personality: 21. Cognitive processes and models Gerald Matthews; 22. Self-regulation and control in personality functioning Charles S. Carver and Michael F. Scheier; 23. Basic needs, goals and motivation James L. Szalma; 24. Personality and the self Michael D. Robinson and Constantine Sedikides; 25. Traits and dynamic processes Eranda Jayawickreme and Corinne E. Zachry; 26. Anxiety, depression and cognitive dysfunction Michael W. Eysenck and Amanda Holmes; Part VI. Social and Cultural Processes: Personality at the Intersection of Society: 27. Narrative identity in the social world Kate C. McLean, Moin Syed, Kristen Haraldsson and Lexi Lowe; 28. Social relations and social support Erin Q. Austin, Jennifer M. Knack, Lauri A. Jensen-Campbell and Madeline Rex-Lear; 29. Personality in cross-cultural perspective Juris G. Draguns and Junko Tanaka-Matsumi; 30. Personality and politics Gian Vittorio Caprara and Michele Vecchione; Part VII. Applications of Personality Psychology: Personality Traits and Processes in Action: 31. Personality at work Jesus F. Salgado, Neil Anderson and Silvia Moscoso; 32. Educational psychology Adar Ben-Eliyahu and Moshe Zeidner; 33. Personality in clinical psychology Thomas A. Widiger and Gillian A. McCabe; 34. Personality and crime Donald R. Lynam, Colin E. Vize and Joshua D. Miller; 35. Personality, preferences and socioeconomic behavior Eamonn Ferguson, Kun Zhao and Luke D. Smillie; Appendix. Statistical analyses and computer programming in personality William Revelle, Lorien G. Elleman and Andrew N. Hall.
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