Cambridge Handbook of Historical Orthography

Cambridge Handbook of Historical Orthography

Condorelli, Marco; Rutkowska, Hanna

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Introduction: 1. Historical orthography: purposes, ambitions and boundaries Marco Condorelli and Hanna Rutkowska; Part II. Structures and Theories: 2. Classifying and comparing early writing systems Amalia E. Gnanadesikan; 3. Elements of writing systems Stefan Hartmann and Renata Szczepaniak; 4. Orthographic conventionality Aurelija Tamosiunaite; 5. Theoretical approaches to understanding writing systems Hanna Rutkowska; 6. Grapholinguistics Vuk-Tadija Barbaric; 7. Typologies of writing systems Terry Joyce; Part III. Organization and Development: 8. Comparative historical perspectives Per Ambrosiani and Elena Llamas-Pombo; 9. Systems and idiosyncrasies Benjamin W. Fortson IV; 10. Multilayeredness and multiaspectuality Justyna Rogos-Hebda; 11. Adapting alphabetic writing systems Anetta Luto-Kaminska; 12. Variation and change Michelle Waldispuehl; 13. What is spelling standardization? Marco Condorelli; Part IV. Empirical Approaches: 14. Studying epigraphic writing Katherine McDonald and Emmanuel Dupraz; 15. Materiality of writing Giedrius Subacius; 16. Data collection and interpretation Anja Voeste; 17. Philological approaches Annina Seiler and Christine Wallis; 18. Exploring orthographic distribution Javier Calle-Martin and Juan Lorente-Sanchez; 19. Comparative and sociopragmatic methods Marija Lazar; 20. Reconstructing a pre-historic writing system Ester Salgarella; Part V. Explanatory Discussions: 21. Scribes and scribal practices Peter J. Grund; 22. Orthographic norms and authorities Carol Percy; 23. Networks of practice across English and Dutch corpora Marco Condorelli and Chris De Wulf; 24. Literacy and the singular history of Norwegian Agnete Nesse; 25. Authorship and gender Mel Evans; 26. Sociolinguistic variables in English orthography Juan Manuel Hernandez-Campoy; 27. Sociolinguistic implications of orthographic variation in French Sandrine Tailleur; 28. Orthography and language contact Israel Sanz-Sanchez; 29. Discourse and sociopolitical issues Laura Villa Galan; 30. Transmission and diffusion Gijsbert Rutten, Iris Van de Voorde and Rik Vosters; 31. Analogy and extension Yishai Neuman; Bibliography; Subject index; Name index.
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