Modality in Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics

Modality in Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics

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- Part I. Modes of Modality: Introduction
- 1. Pragmatics: modality and speaker orientation
- 2. (Inter) subjectification and foreign consciousness alignment
- 3. Modality as distance - from aspect to modality
- Part II. Verbal Modality: 4. The syntax-semantic-pragmatic interface of modal verbs
- 5. The perspectival specifics of verb modality in German
- 6. The syntax of modal verbs in German, Dutch, and English
- 7. Modal verb semantics
- Part III. Adverbial Modality Distance: From Apect to Mpp: 8. Modal particles: the enigmatic category
- 9. The attitudinal force of modal particles
- 10. Modal particles between context, conversation, and convention
- 11. Modal particles outside of finiteness
- Part IV. Covert Modality: 12. Covert patterns of modality.
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adverbial modality; attitudinality; to be; covert modality; double displacement; foreign consciousness alignment; to have to; mood vs. modality; origo; theory of mind; verb modality