Action Ascription in Interaction

Action Ascription in Interaction


Cambridge University Press






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1. Action ascription in social interaction Arnulf Deppermann and Michael Haugh; Part I. Constituents of Action Ascription: 2. Temporal organization and procedure in ascribing action Robert B. Arundale; 3. The micro-politics of social actions Paul Drew; 4. Action ascription, accountability and inference Michael Haugh; 5. Attributing the decision to buy: action ascription, local ecology, and multimodality in shop encounters Lorenza Mondada; Part II. Practices of Action Ascription: 6. Intention ascriptions as a means to coordinate own actions with others' actions Arnulf Deppermann and Julia Kaiser; 7. Strategy ascriptions in public mediation talks Henrike Helmer; 8. Action ascription and deonticity in everyday advice-giving sequences Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen and Sandra A. Thompson; 9. 'How about eggs?' Action ascription in the family decision-making process while grocery shopping at a supermarket Takeshi Hiramoto and Makoto Hayashi; 10. Action ascription and action assessment: Ya-suffixed answer to questions in mandarin conversation Yaxin Wu and Guodong Yu; 11. Actions and identities in emergency calls: the case of thanking Tom Koole and Lotte van Burgsteden; Part III. Revisiting Action Ascription: 12. Action and accountability in the study of interaction N. J. Enfield and Jack Sidnell; 13. The multiple accountabilities of action John Heritage; Appendices.
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