T. S. Eliot and the Dynamic Imagination

T. S. Eliot and the Dynamic Imagination

Kennedy, Sarah (University of Cambridge)

Cambridge University Press






How is a poem made? From what constellation of inner and outer worlds does it issue forth? T. S. Eliot and the Dynamic Imagination charts the relations between metaphor and creativity in Eliot's poetry and criticism in dialogue with developments in 'new physics', optics, colour theory, cognitive psychology, and anthropology.
Part I. Sea Voices: Eliot's Tempest: 1. Immersion: Eliot, James and Shakespeare; 2. Hints of earlier and other creation; 3. This isle is full of noises; Part II. Broken Images: Illuminating Time and Space: 4. Vacant interstellar spaces; 5. Looking backward; 6. Luminous recognitions; Part III. Gestation and Resurrection: 7. His dark materials; 8. Dark doubles; 9. Blood for the ghosts.
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