Sultan, Caliph, and the Renewer of the Faith

Sultan, Caliph, and the Renewer of the Faith

Ahmad Lobbo, the Tarikh al-fattash and the Making of an Islamic State in West Africa

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Introduction; Part I. A Nineteenth Century Chronicle in Support of the Caliphate of Hamdallahi: Nuh B. Al-Tahir's Tarikh al-fattash: 1. A century of scholarship; 2. The Tarikh al-fattash: a nineteenth-century chronicle; Part II. A Contested Space of Compating Claims: the Middle Niger, 1810s-1840s; 3. The emergence of clerical rule in the Middle Niger; 4. Ahmad Lobbo, Timbuktu, and the Kunta; 5. Fluctuating diplomacy: Hamdallahi and Sokoto; Part III. The Circulation and Reception of the Tarikh al-fattash, 1840s-2010s: 6. The Tarikh al-fattash at work; Conclusion.
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History; West Africa; Mali; Timbuktu; Islam; Tarikh al-fattash; Caliphate of Hamdallahi; Arabic Manuscripts; Forgeries; Colonialism