Struggles for Self-Determination

Struggles for Self-Determination

The Denial of Reactionary Statehood in Africa

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: The nonexistence of Katanga, Rhodesia, Transkei, and Bophuthatswana; 2. Anti-nationalist Nationalisms: The discursive web of reactionary statehood in Africa; 3. The magical hour of midnight: Independence days and national commemorations; 4. The quest for recognition: The historical importance of diplomatic recognition and the pursuit of international acceptance; 5. Establishing foreign missions in America: The Katanga information service, Rhodesia information office, and Transkei's Washington Bureau; 6. Establishing foreign missions in Europe: 'La Delegation Permanente du Katanga' in Brussels, Rhodesia house, and 'Bop House'; 7. Putting bop on the map: Sun city and the nonrecognition of Bophuthatswana; 8. Conclusion reactionary statehood in Africa; Bibliography; Index.
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