Privileged Precariat

Privileged Precariat

White Workers and South Africa's Long Transition to Majority Rule

van Zyl-Hermann, Danelle

Cambridge University Press





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Introduction: The Return of the White Working Class; Part I: White Workers and the Racial State; 1. Privileged Race, Precarious Class: White Labour from the Mineral Revolution to the 'Golden Age'; 2. From Sweetheart to 'Frankenstein': The NP's Changing Stance Towards White Labour Amid the Crisis of the 1970s; 3. Race and Rights at the Rock-Face of Change: White Organised Labour and the Wiehahn Reforms; Part II: White Workers and Civil Society Mobilisation; 4. From Trade Union to Social Movement: The MWU/Solidarity's Formation of a Post-Apartheid Social Alliance; 5. An 'Alternative Government': The Solidarity Movement's Contemporary Strategies; 6. Discursive Labour and Strategic Contradiction: Managing the Working-Class Roots of a Declassed Organisation; 7. 'Guys Like Us Are Left To Our Own Mercy': Counternarratives, Ambivalence and the Pressures of Racial Gatekeeping Among Solidarity's Blue-Collar Members; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.
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class; race; neoliberalism; identity; white working class; South Africa; transition; apartheid; state; social movements