Ableism at Work

Ableism at Work

Disablement and Hierarchies of Impairment

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction to monograph; 2. International disability norms at work: international law on ableism at work and the hierarchy of impairments; 3. The CRPD Committee, ableism and hierarchies of impairment at work; 4. Hierarchies of impairment at work in the regulation and response to sheltered work; 5. The arbitrary exclusion of episodic and psychosocial disabilities from legal protection: the duration test promoting ableism at work; 6. Ability apartheid at work: the policy of stigmatizing and excluding 'unacceptable' psychosocial disabilities from anti-discrimination laws; 7. Reasonable accommodations in a psychosocial diverse workplace: hierarchies of impairment at work; 8. Using occupational safety and health laws to promote psychological health at work; 9. Sanism and ableism in the law's response to injured workers; 10. Advancing psychosocial diversity using contract and unfair dismissal laws; Index.
ableism; hierarchy of impairments; worker; disability; occupational safety and health; anti-discrimination