Shakespeare and the Soliloquy in Early Modern English Drama

Shakespeare and the Soliloquy in Early Modern English Drama


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction A.D. Cousins and Daniel Derrin; 1. Roman soliloquy Joseph A. Smith; 2. Tudor transformations Raphael Falco; 3. Doubtful battle: Marlowe's soliloquies Liam Semler; 4. Shakespeare and the female voice in soliloquy Catherine Bates; 5. Contemplative idiots in soliloquy: rhetorical parody, laughable deformity and the audience Daniel Derrin; 6. Giving voice to history in Shakespeare David Bevington; 7. Hamlet and of truth: humanism and the disingenuous soliloquy A. D. Cousins; 8. Choosing between shame and guilt: Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet and King Lear Patrick Gray; 9. 'Too hot, too hot': the rhetorical poetics of soliloquies in Shakespeare's late plays Kate Aughterson; 10. Ben Jonson's Roman soliloquies James Loxley; 11. Ben Jonson's comic selves Brian Woolland; 12. 'In such a whisp'ring and withdrawing hour': speaking solus in Middleton's The Revenger's Tragedy and the Lady's Tragedy Andrew Hiscock; 13. John Ford's soliloquies: solitude interrupted Huw Griffiths; 14. Davenant's Macbeth: soliloquy, counter-revolution, and restoration Dani Napton and A. D. Cousins; 15. What were soliloquies in plays by Shakespeare and other late Renaissance dramatists? An empirical approach James Hirsh; Select Bibliography; Index.
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