Female Printmakers, Printsellers, and Print Publishers in the Eighteenth Century

Female Printmakers, Printsellers, and Print Publishers in the Eighteenth Century

The Imprint of Women, c. 1700-1830

Roman, Cynthia E.; Martinez, Cristina S.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: hidden legacies Cristina S. Martinez and Cynthia E. Roman; Part I. Self-Presentation and Self-Promotion: 1. Show-offs: women's self-portrait prints c. 1700 Madeleine C. Viljoen; 2. Maria hadfield cosway's 'genius' for print: a didactic, commercial, and professional path Paris A. Spies-Gans; 3. Caroline Watson and the theatre of printmaking Heather McPherson; 4. 'Talent and untiring diligence': the print legacy of Angelika Kauffmann, Marie Ellenrieder and Maria Katharina Prestel F. Carlo Schmid; Part II. Spaces of Production: 5. 'Living in the bosom of a numerous and worthy family': women printmakers learning to Engrave in late eighteenth-century London Hannah Lyons; 6. Divine secrets of a printmaking sisterhood: the professional and familial networks of the Horthemels and Hemery sisters Kelsey. D. Martin; 7. Yielding an impression of women printmakers in eighteenth-century France Rena M. Hoisington; 8. Laura piranesi 'incise': a woman printmaker following in her father's footsteps Rita Bernini; 9. Etchings by ladies, 'not artists' Cynthia E. Roman; Part III. Competing in the Market: Acumen in Business and Law: 10. Mary Darly, fun Merchant and Caricaturist Sheila O'Connell; 11. A changing industry: women publishing and selling prints in London, 1740-1800 Amy Torbert; 12. Jane Hogarth: A printseller's imprint on copyright law Cristina S. Martinez; 13. Shells to satire: the career of Hannah Humphrey (1750-1818) Tim Clayton; 14. Encouraging Rowlandson - the women who mattered Nicholas JS Knowles; 15. Female printmakers and printsellers in the early American republic: Eliza Cox Akin and Mary Graham Charles Allison M. Stagg.