World-Making Renaissance Women

World-Making Renaissance Women

Rethinking Early Modern Women's Place in Literature and Culture

Hammons, Pamela S.; Siegfried, Brandie R.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; The literary contours of women's world-making Brandie R. Siegfried and Pamela S. Hammons; Part I. Early Modern Women Framing the Modern World: 1. Erotic origins: genesis, the passion, and Aemilia Lanyer's Queer temporality Erin Murphy; 2. Aphra Behn's fiction: transmission, editing, and canonization Paul Salzman; 3. From aisling vision to Irish queen: the reimergence of Grainne Ni Mhaille in Europe's revolutionary period Brandie R. Siegfried; 4. Reframing the picture: screening early modern women for modern audiences Lisa Walters and Naomi Miller; Part II. Remaking the Literary World: 5. Uncloseted: geography and early modern women's dramatic writing Marion Wynne-Davies; 6. Lucy Hutchinson's memoirs as auto-biography Laura DeFurio; 7. Commonplace genres, or women's interventions in non-traditional literary forms: Madame de Sable, Aphra Behn, and the maxim Victoria E. Burke; 8. Form, formalism, and literary studies: the case of Margaret Cavendish Lara Dodds; Part III. Connecting the Social Worlds of Religion, Politics, and Philosophy: 9. Royalism and resistance: the personal and the political in Anne, Lady Halkett's Meditations, 1660-1699 Suzanne Trill; 10. Hester Pulter's dissolving worlds Marshelle Woodward; 11. The feminist worlds of Margaret Cavendish David Cunning; 12. Augustus reigns, but poets still are low: Aphra Behn's world in the emperor of the moon (1687) Elaine Hobby; Part IV. Rethinking Early Modern Types and Stereotypes: 13. Learning to imitate women: male education and the grammar of female experience Catherine Loomis; 14. Mothers and widows: world-making against stereotypes in early modern English women's manuscript writings Pamela Hammons; 15. Queer virgins: nuns, reproductive futurism, and early modern English culture Jaime Goodrich; 16. Defensor Feminae: Aemilia Lanyer and Rachel Speght Elizabeth Hodgson; 17. Margaret Cavendish's Melancholy identity: gender and the evolution of a Genre Tina Skouen and Henriette Kolle.