Sex, Law, and the Politics of Age

Sex, Law, and the Politics of Age

Child Marriage in India, 1891-1937

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; I. Provincializing childhood; 1. The autoptic child: The Age of Consent Act (1891), law's temporality, and the epistemic contract on age; 2. Juridical childhood: the Child Marriage Restraint Act (1929), global biopolitics, and the "digits of age"; II. Queering age stratification; 3.The sex/age system: boy-grooms, young rapists, and child protection in hindu liberalism; 4. Reproductive temporality: the staging of childhood and adolescence in global/hindu sexology; iii. Consent otherwise; 5.Rethinking minority: Rangila Rasul, the "muslim child wife," and the politics of representation; 6. An age of discretion: querying age and legal subjectivity in the secular shari'a; Epilogue
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Gender and sexuality; history of age; history of law; child marriage; interwar India; postcolonial theory; age as a category of analysis