Feminist Critique of Police Stops

Feminist Critique of Police Stops

Ross, Josephine

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. Bye, Bye Bill of Rights: 1. Waive your rights: that's how stops and frisks were meant to work; 2. The most dangerous right: walking away from an officer; 3. Consenting to searches: what we can learn from feminist critiques of sexual assault laws; 4. Punishing disrespect: no free speech allowed here; 5. Beyond Miranda's reach: how stop-and-frisk undermines the right to silence; Part II. The Fallout: 6. The frisk: 'injuries to manhood' and to womanhood; 7. Invisible scars: Terry's psychological toll; 8. High court camouflage: how the Supreme Court hides police aggression and racial animus.