Justice for Everyone

Justice for Everyone

The Jurisprudence and Legal Lives of Brenda Hale


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction Rosemary Hunter and Erika Rackley; Part II. Personal Reflections: 2. On the bench with Brenda David Neuberger; 3. Lady Hale - leading from the front: Ensuring equality and inclusivity Gita Mittal; 4. Lady Hale: A personal reflection Susan Glazebrook; 5. Reflections on Lady Hale as an international Judge Beverley McLachlin; Part III. Academic: 6. Women and the law school, 1970s-1980s Celia Wells, Margot Brazier, Lesley Newton, Alison Raeside, Carol Smart, Erika Szyszczak; 7. Justice and welfare: Lady Hale and the Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law (formerly journal of social welfare law) Mavis Maclean; 8. Celebrating Hoggett and Pearl, The family, Law and Society 1983-2009 Daniel Monk; 9. Writing Women and the Law Susan Atkins; Part IV. Law Commissioner: 10. The law reformer: Transforming the way that policy is made at the law commission Linda Mulcahy and Peter G Harris; Part V. Judge: Judicial Leadership: 11. Brenda Hale: Supporting and inspiring women judges Laura Cox; 12. Assessing Lady Hale's impact on the UK's final appeal courts Alan Paterson; 13. The qualities of Lady Hale's legal reasoning Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore; 14. On personhood for everyone: Brenda Hale's jurisprudence and her Institution-building Judith Resnik; 15. Lady Hale and access to justice Hazel Genn and Chris Moss; 16. Lady Hale in the South African courts: An illustration of the many roles of foreign case law in South African jurisprudence Catherine O'Regan; Family Law and Children's Rights: 17. Leading the way: Baroness Hale and the new family law John Eekelaar; 18. Debates on marriage and cohabitation Rebecca Probert; 19. Lady Hale and financial remedies on divorce Alison Diduck; 20. Women and domestic abuse Felicity Kaganas; 21. Public child law Judith Masson; 22. 'Hang on, what about the child in this case?' Lady Hale, champion of children's rights Stephen Gilmore; Human Rights and the State: 23. Orthodox principles and unconventional outcomes in public law David Feldman; 24. Lady Hale: Rights, and righting wrongs, in immigration and nationality Devyani Prabhat; 25. Baroness Hale: The reality and complexity of welfare law Richard Drabble QC; 26. 'A Homemaker as well as a Judge': Lady Hale and judicial home making/unmaking/remaking Helen Carr and Jed Meers; 27. Gender equality and article 14 ECHR: Lady Hale's contribution Sandra Fredman; Private Law and the Individual: 28. Mental health and mental capacity law Victoria Butler-Cole QC; 29. Lady Hale: Relationality, care and medical law Jonathan Herring; 30. Brenda Hale: Understanding discrimination and championing equality Karon Monaghan QC; Part VI. Creative Encounters: 31. Materialising the UK supreme court Jenny Rowe; 32. Picturing Brenda Hale: From painted portraits to moving pictures Leslie J Moran; 33. Lady Justice: Many sides to a story Susanne Baer; 34. Music to honour Lady Hale.