Lorenzo Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise

Lorenzo Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise

Humanism, History, and Artistic Philosophy in the Italian Renaissance

Cambridge University Press






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1. The Adam and Eve panel: the birth of creativity; 2. The Cain and Abel panel: fashioning thought and fate; 3. The Noah panel: architecture and politics emerge; 4. The Abraham and Isaac panel: the sacrifice from the competition to the Gates of Paradise; 5. The Jacob and Esau panel: perspective, vision, and memory; 6. The Joseph panel: speech acts in the piazza; 7. The Moses panel: sculpting the drama of nature; 8. The Joshua panel: the fate of art; 9. The David panel: Ghiberti, tragedian; 10. The Solomon and Queen of Sheba panel: a portrait of Ghiberti's Florence.
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