Lorenzo Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise

Lorenzo Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise

Humanism, History, and Artistic Philosophy in the Italian Renaissance

Bloch, Amy R. (University at Albany, State University of New York)

Cambridge University Press






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This book is an in-depth study of the Old Testament narratives in Lorenzo Ghiberti's masterpiece Gates of Paradise, the second set of bronze doors he made for the Florence Baptistery. It examines the doors' ten panels, exploring the sources that inspired Ghiberti and explaining his artistic interpretations.
1. The Adam and Eve panel: the birth of creativity; 2. The Cain and Abel panel: fashioning thought and fate; 3. The Noah panel: architecture and politics emerge; 4. The Abraham and Isaac panel: the sacrifice from the competition to the Gates of Paradise; 5. The Jacob and Esau panel: perspective, vision, and memory; 6. The Joseph panel: speech acts in the piazza; 7. The Moses panel: sculpting the drama of nature; 8. The Joshua panel: the fate of art; 9. The David panel: Ghiberti, tragedian; 10. The Solomon and Queen of Sheba panel: a portrait of Ghiberti's Florence.
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