Protestant Empires

Protestant Empires

Globalizing the Reformations

Rublack, Ulinka

Cambridge University Press





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Introduction Ulinka Rublack; 1. Re-working Reformation in the early English Atlantic Carla Gardina Pestana; 2. Puritanism in a local context: ministry, people, and church in 1630s Massachusetts David D. Hall; 3. Learned reading in the Atlantic colonies: how humanist practices crossed the Atlantic Anthony Grafton; 4. Portable lives: reformed artisans and refined materials in the refugee Atlantic Neil Kamil; 5. Idolatry, markets, and confession: the global project of the de Bry family Suzanna Burghartz; 6. 'Better the Turk than the Pope': Calvinist engagement with Islam in Southeast Asia Charles H. Parker; 7. Inventing a Lutheran ritual: baptisms of Muslims and Africans in early modern Germany Renate Duerr; 8. Conversion and its discontents on the southern colonial frontier: the Pietist encounter with non-Christians in colonial Georgia James Van Horn Melton; 9. Globalizing the Protestant Reformation through millenarian practices Ulrike Gleixner; 10. Global Protestant missions and the role of emotions Jacqueline Van Gent; 11. The sacred world of Mary Prince Jon Sensbach; 12. New perspectives on gender and sexuality in global Protestantism, 1500-1800 Merry Wiesner-Hanks.
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European Reformations; Long Reformation; Global Perspectives; Entanglement; Multicentric Change; Reformations