Blood Theology

Blood Theology

Seeing Red in Body- and God-Talk

Rogers, Jr, Eugene F.

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Why We See Red: 1. Blood marks the bounds of the body: Overtures and refrains; Part II. Blood Seeps in Where It Hardly Seems to Belong: Blood Unnecessary and Inexhaustible: 2. Blood after Isaac: Why God said 'Na'; 3. Blood after Leviticus: Separation and sacrifice; 4. Blood after the Last Supper: Jesus and the gender of blood; Part III. Blood Makes a Language in Which to Conduct Disputes: Family, Truth, and Tribe: 5. Bridegrooms of blood: Same-sex desire and the blood of Christ; 6. Red in tooth and claw: Evolution and the blood of Christ; 7. Blood purity and blood sacrifice: Castilians and Aztecs; Part IV. The Blood of God and at the Heart of Things: Causality Sacramental and Cosmic: 8. How the Eucharist causes salvation; 9. Blood in the Christology of things: Why things became human; Appendix: Review of Gil Anidjar's Blood: A Critique of Christianity.
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