Linguistic Ecology and Language Contact

Linguistic Ecology and Language Contact

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Part I. Introduction and Theoretical Frame: 1. Linguistic ecology and language contact: conceptual evolution, interrelatedness, and parameters Ralph Ludwig, Peter Muhlhausler and Steve Pagel; 2. On the notion of natural in ecological linguistics Francoise Gadet and Steve Pagel; Part II. On the Ecology of Speaker and Space from Situational to Intermediate Ecology: 3. An interactionist perspective on the ecology of linguistic practices: the situated and embodied production of talk Lorenza Mondada; 4. Approaching language in urban interactions ecologically: the case of Spanish in Lima Juan Carlos Godenzzi; Part III. On the Ecology of Space and Time, Traditions in the Formation of Macro-Ecologies: 5. The historical formation of a macro-ecology: the case of the Levant Cyril Aslanov; 6. Spanish anthroponomy from an ecological linguistic view: the Antillean society in the early sixteenth century Silke Jansen; Part IV. On the Ecology of Language and Speaker, the Hybridization of Language and Discourse: 7. Reflections on discourse ecology and language contact: the crucial role of some scalar terms Sibylle Kriegel, Ralph Ludwig and Tabea Salzmann; 8. Language mixing and ecology in Africa: focus on Camfranglais and Sheng Anne Schroeder and Philip W. Rudd; 9. Hybrid speech of Francophone groups in Cairo: from macro-level ecology to discourse Cynthia Dermarkar, Francoise Gadet, Ralph Ludwig and Stefan Pfander; 10. The opposite of an anti-Creole? Why modern Chamorro is not a new language Steve Pagel; Part V. The Multiplicity of Ecological Parameters, Echoing the Theoretical Frame and Going Beyond: 11. Contact between typologically different languages Peter Muhlhausler; 12. Theoretical and practical aspects of ecological language planning Peter Muhlhausler.
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