Cambridge Handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics

Cambridge Handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics

Thompson, Geoff; Fontaine, Lise; Schoenthal, David; Bowcher, Wendy L.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Wendy L. Bowcher, Lise Fontaine and David Schoenthal; Part I. SFL: The Model: 1. Firth and the origins of systemic functional linguistics: process, pragma, and polysystem David G. Butt; 2. Key concepts and the architecture of language in the SFL model Jonathan J. Webster; 3. Semantics Miriam Taverniers; 4. The clause: an overview of the lexicogrammar Margaret Berry; 5. The rooms of the house: grammar at group rank Lise Fontaine and David Schoenthal; 6. Context and register Wendy L. Bowcher; 7. Intonation Wendy L. Bowcher and Meena Debashish; 8. Continuing issues in SFL Mick O'Donnell; 9. The Cardiff model of functional syntax Anke Schulz and Lise Fontaine; 10. SFL in context Christopher S. Butler; Part II. Discourse Analysis within SFL: 11. Models of discourse in systemic functional linguistics Tom Bartlett; 12. Cohesion and conjunction Maite Taboada; 13. Semantic networks Andy Fung and Francis Robert Low; 14. Discourse semantics J. R. Martin; 15. Appraisal Susan Hood; 16. SFL and diachronic studies David Banks; 17. SFL and multimodal discourse analysis Kay L. O'Halloran, Sabine Tan and Peter Wignell; 18. SFL and critical discourse analysis Gerard O'Grady; Part III. SFL in Application: 19. Language development Geoff Williams; 20. Applying SFL for understanding and fostering instructed second language development Heidi Byrnes; 21. Language and education: learning to mean Peter Mickan; 22. Systemic functional linguistics and computation: new directions, new challenges John Bateman, Daniel McDonald, Tuomo Hiippala, Daniel Couto-Vale and Eugeniu Costetchi; 23. Clinical linguistics Elissa Asp and Jessica de Villiers; 24. Language and science, language in science, and linguistics as science M. A. K. Halliday and David G. Butt; 25. Language and medicine Alison Rotha Moore; 26. Language and literature Donna R. Miller; 27. Language and social media: enacting identity through ambient affiliation Michele Zappavigna; 28. Theorizing and modeling translation Erich Steiner; 29. Language typology Abhishek Kumar Kashyap; Index.
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