Demonstratives in Cross-Linguistic Perspective

Demonstratives in Cross-Linguistic Perspective

Enfield, N. J.; Dunn, Michael J.; Cutfield, Sarah; Meira, Sergio; Levinson, Stephen C.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: demonstratives - patterns in diversity Stephen C. Levinson; 1. The demonstrative questionnaire: 'this' and 'that' in comparative perspective David P. Wilkins; 2. Lao demonstrative determiners nii4 and nan4 - An intentionally discrete distinction for extensionally analogue space Nick Enfield; 3. Dalabon exophoric uses of demonstratives Sarah Cutfield; 4. Brazilian Portuguese - non-contrastive exophoric use of demonstratives in the spoken language Sergio Meira and Raquel Guirardello-Damian; 5. 'See this sitting one' - demonstratives and deictic classifiers in Goemai Birgit Hellwig; 6. Tzeltal - the demonstrative system Penelope Brown and Stephen C. Levinson; 7. Yucatec demonstratives in interaction: spontaneous vs. elicited data Juergen Bohnemeyer; 8. Lavukaleve - exophoric usage of demonstratives Angela Terrill; 9. Tiriyo - non-contrastive exophoric uses of demonstratives Sergio Meira; 10. Trumai - non-contrastive exophoric uses of demonstratives Raquel Guirardello-Damian; 11. Saliba - Exophoric demonstratives Anna Margetts; 12. Warao demonstratives Stefanie Herrmann; 13. Chukchi - non-contrastive spatial demonstrative usage Michael Dunn; 14. Yeli Dnye - demonstratives in the language of Rossel Island, Papua New Guinea Stephen C. Levinson; 15. Tidore - non-contrastive demonstratives Miriam van Staden; 16. The Jahai multi-term demonstrative system - what's spatial about it? Niclas Burenhult.
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