Health as a Human Right

Health as a Human Right

The Politics and Judicialisation of Health in Brazil

Ferraz, Octavio Luiz Motta

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: does the right to health matter?; Part I. The Politics of the Right to Health: 2. Health becomes a right in Brazil; 3. The constitution works; 4. Two Brazils; Part II. The Judicialization of the Right to Health: 5. The judicialization of health in numbers; 6. How the haves come out ahead in health litigation; 7. Islands of rights revolutions?; 8. Unequal justice: what is litigated, why, and who really benefits from health litigation in Brazil?; Part III. Conclusion: What Role for Courts?: 9. To interfere or not to interfere: the court's dilemma; Bibliography; Index.
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