Bioethics and Biopolitics in Israel

Bioethics and Biopolitics in Israel

Socio-legal, Political, and Empirical Analysis

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Introduction: bioethics in Israel Hagai Boas, Nadav Davidovitch, Yael Hashiloni-Dolev, Dani Filc and Shai J. Lavi; Part I. Bioethics as Biopolitics: 1. Biosecuritization of public health preparedness in Israel and Palestine: from traditional bioethics to public health ethics Nadav Davidovitch and Benjamin Langer; 2. Republican bioethics Dani Flic; 3. From bioethics to biopolitics in recent Israeli legislation about force-feeding hunger-striking inmates Yoav Kenny; 4. A cognitive dissonant health system: can we combat racism without admitting it exists? Hadas Ziv; 5. Nothing about us without us: a disability challenge to bioethics Sagit Mor; Part II. Familialism and Reproduction: 6. The effect of Jewish-Israeli family ideology on policy regarding reproductive technologies Yael Hashiloni-Dolev ; 7. 'Quiet, dependent, nice and loyal: surrogacy agencies discourse of international surrogacy Hedva Eyal and Adi Moreno; 8. Palestinian fertility in Israeli sphere Himmat Zu'bi; 9. Childbirth in Israel: home birth and newborn screening Margherita Brusa and Yechiel Bar Ilan; 10. 'Life after death': the Israeli approach to posthumous reproduction Vardit Ravitsky and Ya'arit Bokek-Cohen; Part III. Is There an Israeli Exception?: 11. Reckless or pioneering? Public health genetics services in Israel Aviad E. Raz ; 12. The end-of-life decision-making process in Israel: bioethics, law and the practice of doctors Roy Gilbar and Nili Karako-Eyal; 13. Organ donation, brain death and the limits of liberal bioethics Hagai Boas and Shai J. Lavi; 14. Towards an Israeli medical ethics Michael Weingarten; 15. Tilting the frame: Israeli suicide as an alternative to suicide in Israel Haim Hazan and Raquel Romberg.