Beyond Autonomy

Beyond Autonomy

Limits and Alternatives to Informed Consent in Research Ethics and Law

Richards, Bernadette J.; Kirchhoffer, David G.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. The limits of respect for autonomy David G. Kirchhoffer; Part I. Exploring Problems of Respect for Autonomy in Bioethics, Law and Society: 1. Autonomy and the law: widely used, poorly defined Bernadette J. Richards; 2. Lack of autonomy: debates concerning research involving children Thomas H. Murray; 3. Diminished autonomy: consent and chronic addiction Steve Matthews and Jeanette Kennett; 4. Compromised autonomy: social inequality and issues of status and control S. Stewart Braun; Part II. The Search for Alternative or Complementary Concepts Surrounding Autonomy: 5. Self-ownership in research ethics Garrett Cullity; 6. Beneficence in research ethics David G. Kirchhoffer, Christi D. Favor and Christopher D. Cordner; 7. Dignity, being and becoming in research ethics David G. Kirchhoffer; 8. Virtues in research ethics: developing an empirically-informed account of virtues in biomedical research practice Justin Oakley; Part III. Beyond Autonomy: Turning to the Community to Protect the Individual: 9. Duties of shared membership in research ethics Jose Miola; 10. Engaging communities in human research in the Global South Anita Ho; 11. Reducing shared vulnerabilities to data misuse Wendy Rogers.