Genetics, Disability and the Law

Genetics, Disability and the Law

Towards an EU Legal Framework

Paor, Aisling de

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction; Part I. New Science and Technology and the Ethical and Legal Issues Arising: 2. Background: advancing genetic science; 3. Ethical implications, legal issues and public policy concerns of advancing genetic technology; 4. A disability framework - the interface of the social model of disability with the evolution of genetic science; Part II. The Imperative for Regulation and the Choice of Regulator Theory and Frameworks: 5. Mode of regulation and choice of regulatory frameworks in legal theory; 6. Framings from international human rights law; 7. Evolving comparative law benchmarks; Part III. The European Perspective: 8. Human rights norms in the Council of Europe and the regulation of genetic information; 9. The European Union and protection of genetic information; Part IV. Building the Case for a European Union Regulatory Framework: 10. National level approaches - a patchwork of protections; 11. A case for European Union level action; 12. Conclusion - where next for the EU?
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