Law and Sentiment in International Politics

Law and Sentiment in International Politics

Ethics, Emotions, and the Evolution of the Laws of War

Traven, David

Cambridge University Press





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Part I. A Theory of Moral Psychology and International Norms: 1. Introduction: the laws of war and the puzzle of norm emergence; 2. Mapping the mind: moral psychology and international humanitarian law; Part II. The Universal Grammar of the Laws of War: China, Islam, and the West: 3. Taming the sovereign: state formation and the ethics of war in ancient China; 4. War and peace in Islamic law: cultural evolution and the ethics of war in early Islam; 5. Moral emotions and natural law: the peace of god, catholic just war theory, and the European enlightenment; Part III. Moral Sentiments and the Development of International Humanitarian Law: 6. Humanizing hell: the Hague peace conferences and the second world war, 1899-1945; 7. A moral revolution in the history of humankind: the Geneva conventions and the politics of international humanitarian law, 1945-1977; 8. Conclusion: moral emotions, permissive effects, and the rationalization of IHL.
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