Australian Intellectual Property Law

Australian Intellectual Property Law

Wiseman, Leanne; Monotti, Ann L.; Davison, Mark J.

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction; Part II. Copyright, Designs and Related Rights: 2. Copyright: introduction; 3. Copyright: subsistence; 4. Copyright: authorship, first ownership, and nature and duration of rights; 5. Copyright: exploitation, infringement and defences; 6. Areas related to copyright: moral rights, performers' rights, artist's resale rights, and other related rights; 7. Designs; Part III: Patents: 8. Equitable doctrines of breach of confidence; 9. Patents for inventions: introduction; 10. Patents for inventions: validity; 11. Patents for inventions: allocation of rights and ownership, the Register and dealings; 12. Patents for inventions: exploitation, infringement and revocation; 13. Plant breeder's rights; Part IV. Trade Marks: 14. Passing off; 15. Registered trade marks; 16. Exploitation of registered trade marks; Part V. Enforcement Of Rights: 17. Remedies and miscellaneous issues.
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